Safety Shoes Kenya

Are you looking for good quality Safety Shoes in Kenya? Look no further than Bansi Suppliers. Bansi Suppliers is a one-stop shop for all your safety needs, especially when it comes to safety boots. Our safety boots are CE certified ISO EN 20345:2011, which means they meet the European safety standards for foot protection.

Our safety boots are made from 100% breathable leather materials, which allows for proper ventilation and ensures that your feet remain dry and comfortable. They are also oil and acid-resistant, making them ideal for those working in hazardous environments. With anti-static, anti-slip, and anti-puncture features, our safety boots provide maximum protection and support for your feet.

We have a wide range of safety boots that meet the S3 standard, which is the highest level of safety footwear protection. Our steel-toe safety boots are designed to protect your feet from heavy objects and ensure that you can work safely in any environment.

Safety shoe specifications:

  •  CE-certified ISO EN 20345:2011
  • Made from 100% breathable leather
  • Oil and Acid Resistant
  •  Anti-static, Anti-slip, Anti-puncture
  •  S3 standard safety boots
  • Steel Toe safety boots